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What is the name of the vary first graphical web browser?
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Do you know what the internet history sourcebook have to say about the name of the very first graphical web browser?

What is a web browser?  What is the name of the very first graphical web browser? Do you know what internet history sourcebook have to say?

A web browser is the software application program you use to access the World Wide Web.  It is used to locate and display web pages. Based on the internet history sourcebook, the first web browser, called NCSA Mosaic, was developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications in the early 1990s. The two most popular browsers are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Both of these are graphical browsers, which means that they can display graphics as well as text.  You can download isp netscape which is one of these free web browsers:  Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and Netscape Navigator  Modern browsers can present multimedia information, such as text, graphics, video, audio, and animation.

What is World Wide Web? The World Wide Web, WWW, w3c or the Web, is the largest and fastest growing activity on the Internet. The WWW incorporates all the Internet services, such as, isp email settings, email, telnet, ftp, chatting, Audioconferencing and  Web Conferencing Made Easy - Signup for Dimdim Web Conferencing for less than $20 per month!

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Email stands for electronic mail, which allows you to send and receive mail electronically,  create voicemail greetings, voice memo iphone, voice morpher.  Learn more voice mail to email, isp email server software, isp email hosting, isp email limits, email marketing providers comparison, and find voicemail greeting examples Click Here.  Telnet or remote login, allows you to log onto another computer remotely, such as, your home computer or office computer while you are away from your home or office. FTP or ftp (file transfer protocol) is used to transfer files, programs or other information from one computer to another computer across the Internet.  This simple ftp tool allows you to download programs, pictures, sounds and text to your computer, upload software, upload your web pages to your web site, and many more.  Chatting allows people talking to each other all over the world after they enter the same chat rooms using chat facility.  Chatting is similar to a conference call except they don't use their voice; they type what they want to say on their keyboard and read on-screen what other people say.

What was the Web history? A brief Web history was taken from internet history sourcebook. The World Wide Web was invented in 1989 at the European Particle Physics Lab in Geneva, Switzerland.    The inventor is a British researcher named Tim Berners-Lee, who is now the director of the World Wide Web Consortium, www or W3C.  W3C is the organization that sets w3c standards and loosely oversees the development of the Web.

Tim invented Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and Uniform Resource Locators (URL).  HTTP is the communication of the Web browsers with Web servers.  HTML is the language used to write Web pages.  URL are the codes used to identify Web pages and other information on the Net; it is the unique address of a Web document.

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