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Ten steps improving web search ranking

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Keyword position finder

Ten steps improving web search ranking

There are ten crucial elements or steps to optimize a web site.  Some steps may take a few hours, while some may take months to accomplish depending on the competition.  

They are: Selection of  "Good" keyword phrase generator, web site content, web site structure, web site optimization, internal linking to the site, human testing of the site, automated search engines submission, link building, monitoring of site, and bonus extras!

As we emphasize the crucial significance of keywords selection on Home page, you will realize that keywords selection is the single most important stage in the entire search engine optimization process.  If you choose the correct keywords, you will maximize your Return On Investment (ROI).  You can also found "tools to use", on Home page.  Just remember, the number of searches on a keyword phrase is not the bigger the better.  For example, the "buy phrases" with less number of searches will not bring you a huge number of visitors; however, it will increase your web page conversion ratio.  After you select your keywords or keyword pharses, you will use these keywords in the content and site structure.  Keyword optimization is the proper selection of a single keyword or phrase on the web page.



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