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The Importance of Being Linked

Visitors, Traffic, Users, Consumers - it's all linked together

Links are to Internet as Roads are to Country

On the Internet, you move from one page to the other by clicking on Links. In all likelihood, that is how you reached THIS PAGE! Clearly, the more Links there are leading to a page, the more chances there are for that page to be found. Thus, obtaining Links is perhaps the simplest and most economical way to generate 'traffic' and visits to your site.

What will your visitor's reaction be once they land on your page? Will they stay and buy your products? Will they explore your site in depth? Will they immediately hit the back button on the browser? Will they be delighted or will they be disappointed?

While we may never find complete and precise answers to those questions, it is safe to assume that expectations play a key role in the visitor's reaction. For example, if you were following a link that you thought was leading to a site that deals with flowers, yet you discover upon arrival, that it is devoted to gym equipment, you are very unlikely to stay on that site and explore it further. If the link is misleading, you may still get visitors - but they will be very unhappy.

To be of real value from the visitor's point of view, the link must be relevant. Strongest Links, as you will see, can be used very effectively to identify and reinforce the build up of relevant Links.

Links and Search Engines

Google's meteoric rise to the number one Search Engine in the world owes its phenomenal success to the simple observation made by the company founders while still students at Stanford: A Link from page A to page B can be seen as a 'vote of confidence' of page A for page B. The more votes a page has - the more important it is in the collective view of the Internet and it therefore deserves a more prominent position in the search results. They coined the term PageRank as a measurement unit for that 'vote'. Unsurprisingly, this is also known as 'Link Popularity'.

Since then, other Search Engines have incorporated Links in their search results ranking algorithm. Having a high Link Popularity is perhaps the safest way to feature highly in the search engines search results.

What are 'weak links'?

With the ever growing reliance on Links to bring visitors to your site and to increase its 'link popularity', it is little wonder that a whole industry was developed to supply that demand. One of the more notorious 'solutions' is the Free For All (FFA) type of directory. A FFA site accepts links from anyone, anytime and as many of them as you wish. The downside is that the link has only a limited 'life span' and newer entries 'push down' previous entries, until they are dropped altogether. Moreover, you are likely to be asked for an email address, which can then be used to spam you to death!

But that's just the prelude to your biggest problem: Search Engines (like Google) may punish you for submitting your link to a FFA site! Why? Quite simply because that 'link' has no other purpose but to increase your link popularity. In other words - it does not represent a vote of confidence in your site, but an attempt to 'deceive' the Search Engines and 'dupe' them, hoping that they will not notice. Well, they do - and are getting better at it all the time!

What makes Strongest Links so strong?

Let's consider an example. Your site deals with ancient Egypt and is highly authoritative in the subject of the building of the Pyramids and the archeological findings discovered there. It would seem reasonable to assume that any site that provides tours to Egypt will be more than happy to link to your site, as a way of enhancing their users experience.

Such a link is considered 'strong' by the virtue of it being a relevant link! Strongest Links is designed to facilitate, as much as possible, the labor intensive process of obtaining relevant links to your site. It provides you with all the information and the tools to obtain results in the fastest, most efficient and 'strongest' way possible.

You will also find here a great collection of articles, written by the best people in the industry, to enhance your knowledge and understanding of that critical aspect of online marketing.

Totally and ABSOLUTELY risk free!

You can register with Strongest Links and start to use it TODAY for a full month - with no expense to you whatsoever. The Free Trial is just that: FREE. You don't even have to provide credit card details - just register and use.

Should you like it and find that it is indeed as good as we say it is, simply select the plan that suits your need (all very reasonably priced) and enjoy the contribution Strongest Links will make to your online marketing success.


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