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ISP price comparison and how to choose isp are isp essentials
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ISP price comparison and how to choose isp are isp essentials

What is Internet?  

According to internet history sourcebook, internet is the world's largest computer network. It's also known as the NET. A computer network is a bunch of computers hooked together like radio or TV networks. The Internet isn't really one network. It's a network of networks, allowing all networks exchange information freely. The networks range from the big and formal networks, such as corporation like AT&T, Hewlett-Packard etc., to the small and informal networks, such as your home business, with a couple of PCs bought through the ABC Advertiser.

What is Intranet? Intranet is a private network inside a company or organization with web servers serving up web pages accessible only within an organization. It is a private world wide web or an organization wide web.

What is Extranet? Extranet is taking the intranet out of the company or organization. It is to expand the internal networks of a company outside the boundaries of the company to include other entities, such as a company's customers, suppliers, or business partners.

Do you know every machine on the Internet has an Internet Protocol or IP address?  Internet assigns a unique IP address to each and every machine on the Internet.  IP address is a unique number consisting 4 parts of numbers separated by dots, e.g.    Each part of the number can be 1 digit, 2 digits, or 3 digits.  Most machines have one or more Domain Names which are easier for you to remember.  It is hard to remember IP address, say, your home computer and your office computer have two different IP addresses; however, it is easy to remember Domain NamesYahoo! offers free domain names. Includes 24/7 support, web page and forwarding.   Free Site Solution with Yahoo! Web Hosting Plan Reliable, affordable business hosting from Yahoo! Web Hosting

What are Internet Providers or Internet Service Providers (ISPs)?  

ISPs are companies which sell Internet connections via modem (examples:  Outgrown AOL and MSN?) Move up to Netzero Platinum for only $6.95 per month! Limited Time offer. Juno Platinum for only $6.95 or Surf faster with Juno Turbo Isp price comparison shows that isp juno is more affordable and economical than isp earthlink. NetZero -- Low Price ISP! Get quality service at low low price! Switching ISP was NEVER this easy. TRUE BLUE SWITCH for only $9.95 per month! --- thousands isp providers by zip code to choose from; not isp easy to evaluate. Faster, more expensive Internet connectivity is available via Make any wired Ethernet enabled device wireless! wireless, cable, DSL, ISDN, or web-TV

How to choose Internet Service Providers (ISPs)?

Nine suggestions about choosing an ISP are provided as follows:

1.  You may ask your friends or relatives about what internet service providers they use and whether they are happy with the services they receive from the providers.

2.  If you plan to connect your internet through a phone line via modem dial-up, choose a service that has a local number to dial in so that you won't have to pay toll-charges while you are online.  Although a few providers have toll-free 800 numbers, their hourly rates have to be high enough to cover the cost of the toll-free 800 call.

3.  If you would like to surf the Net 100 or 50 times faster than the modem dial-up, you may consider Wireless Internet - Get FREE 1st Class Shipping and up to 75% Off all Cell Phone Accessories! Wireless Network Security Alert! Is your home network open to intruders? Get Network Magic and get protected! Shop the latest in Wireless Technology and Save 10% on your order of $150 or more today! Polycom SoundStation2W Wireless Conferencer On Sale! SYNCING.NET Products or DSL Internet Access Qwest High Speed Internet - up to 7Mbs $25 per Month for 1 Year , respectively.  Some high speed internet service providers are Qwest, SBC, Yahoo DSL, EarthLink and Verizon.  Compare all internet plans in your area.

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4.  You will look for companies which provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  You can reach their customer service both online and offline by local or toll-free 800 number.

5.  You may find out what features different providers offer and decide which are most important to you.

6.  You may compare prices of different providers.  Some providers charge flat monthly fees; some charge by the minute (rate); some may give you a choice; some may give you a combination of both monthly fee or rate plan; others may provide you free service providing advertisements appear on your computer screen in exchange.

7.  You need to know the provider's privacy policy.  You may find out what information is collected about you and what will happen to your personal information.

8.  You need to pay attention to the provider's security.  You may find out how your personal information is protected from inappropriate access by outsiders.

9.  Some providers offer discounts if you sign up for a long-term contract or pay in advance.  Nowadays Internet Service Provider Companies may come and go so quickly.  If you may sign up for service which gives you the flexibility to change to another provider easily, please consider this as an option. 

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