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Have a web site but no one knows about it? Not getting traffic to your site?

Why some website are No. 1 and why some will never be found.

Over 80% of all people use search engines to find information on the internet. About 60% of them use the search engine Google. Hardly anyone knows your internet domain name but often they do know the business you are in. 

Every day new internet techniques are introduced. So many that it's hard to keep up. Meta tags are a "traditional" technique and have already been in use for a long time. 

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) meta tags still play an important role. Especially the use of the meta description is very important. This tag is shown by search engines as a small text item in the search results. Make sure that the meta tags on your website are unique for each and every page and try to make them as attractive as possible. Both a relevant title tag and the description tag will have to persuade a visitor to click on the link in the search results.

Research shows that only 20% of all web pages contain these important meta tags and over 85% of these websites are unfit to be submitted to the search engines. Here we help you make good meta tags so that your site is found on the internet, as high in the search results as possible.


How websites get top search engine positions

But what if your site is not fully prepared for submission and what if you don't use any meta tags? How will people be able to find your website on the internet? Is your website not optimized to submit to the search engines? Than it's time for a change!

Why you should use meta tags

Let's be honest: Meta tags are not the "ultimate solution" to get ranked high into the search engines overnight.

There are other methods to get to the top of the list. By the number of links on your site, the content of your site and how your website is constructed all play a part. Also the age of your website or domain is important.
That being said: Meta tags are free and they help !

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and AltaVista show Meta tags in their search results. You will have a direct influence on your presentation. And by doing so you will manipulate the click-behavior of your soon to be customer. Take a look at our example:

It is like A B C ! You perform a search task by filling out:
(A) certain keywords. The results you will get is
(B) the title tag and
(C) the small text item, the description tag.
So why don't you give it a try and use metatags!
Some people pretend that the meta description and the meta keywords don't do anything to your ranking. They miss out on several points. Not only does Google shows your description tag but by adding a better and more relevant text, more people will click on the link and that provides you with a better CTR (click through rate). And this CTR has a huge influence on your ranking!
A relevant and interesting text will increase the number of clicks to your website.

Don't miss out on more clicks!

How to start with Meta tags

You have finished making your website, or it has been developed for you. A lot of text has been added and photo's have been digitilized. The website or webshop is now open for business. Maybe you even have the ability to accept online payments so people can pay directly for their purchase. Now you are anxiously waiting for orders and payments to be made.

Unfortunately that's not how it works in the real world, and it's not how it works on the internet either.

If your customers don't know who you are, what you sell and where they can find you, how do you expect them to buy something in your shop? They don't even know where your shop is situated. So you need to get your website listed with the search engines and you need to place ads so people will notice you.

If you are looking for information or if you want to buy something (or you just want to stay ahead of your competitors by spying on their internet activities) you use a certain search engine. Within a few seconds the whole web is crawled. Usually you'll get too many hits, but when you read the background information of this search engine you will find that it's possible to perform a more detailed search task.

You probably know that there are a lot of search engines. Well known are Google, Hotbot, WebCrawler, Yahoo, Excite, AltaVista. However there are many small specialized local search engines, also people use the search-box in their MSN or they will try to find something on eBay.
The small search engines are used frequently. Not as frequent as the major ones, but do you want to exclude 20% of your customers?

Only submitting your webpage to Google is not useful.

Search Engine Relations

We often get the question: "Do search engines look at each other for ranking?". There are many connections between all of the search engines. The following picture shows a few of these connections. Obviously there are many more connections between search engines but this will give you a good overview.

Why only submitting to Google has no use

We believe there are many misconceptions about submitting websites to search engines. One of them is that you only need to submit to Google. This is wrong. Google also checks your ranking with other search engines and all search engines are connected. Meta tags will help you to improve your website (search engine optimization) and we will submit your website to the search engines. We are experts in SEO and our goal is to give you clear and correct information. Meta tags will help you to optimize and submit your website to the search engines.

Now you see that it's really worth it to submit your website to more search engines than just Google! You don't want to risk losing profits! Many people use MSN on their PC and their computer opens with the MSN search page. Even if 1 of 25 people use this example, you may be able to increase your profits by 4%. The actual amount may even be higher!

So only submitting your webpage to Google is not useful. You need a good ranking with all the seach engines in order to get a "high score".




primary results




secondary results




directory results




payed results

So, we advise you : do not only submit your site to Google. Let us help you get the best ranking possible! Meta tags will help you to improve your website and will submit your site to the search engines and DMOZ. Submission to the search engines is an important item in your marketing mix and provides a perfect expansion to a mailout or placing an advertisement in the paper.

Solutions, but what can go wrong ?

Regarding metatag errors with your website, we will try to help you make those important Meta tags so that your website will have a higher ranking in the index of the search engines.

Despite all your effort to make and add Meta tags and keywords to your website something can go wrong when you submit your website. Here you will find a small selection of reasons as to why your optimized website won't get listed in the index of a search engine:
After updating your website you forgot to add those important Meta tags.
You spam the search engines with individual requests to submit your website.
Your website contains illegal 'warez' .
Without your knowledge some pornographic material is placed upon your website.
Maybe you use a (free) redirect service and you haven't got a "domain name of your own".
Usually it's no problem at all but sometimes search engines will refuse to add your website due to the content or the way your website is made. If all of the above doesn't apply to your website it's time to take the next step. Read all the information how to get your website ranked high in the search engines!